the 'quintessential' you...uncovering who you are



obvious that the beauty of a woman’s features has always intrigued me. Artistically done, I try to capture the essence of my subjects by bypassing their corporeal physique and encapsulate their nonphysical attributes.

what I do


  • I am not just a photographer! I am a Branding Consultant, Graphic Designer and Website Developer as well. My business is succeessful because I make it less about me, and more about my clients, models and their growth.
  • Models

    I assist models and upcoming models with developing their portfolios and comp cards. My objective is to get them Agency ready. Simplifying their posing and facial features in front of the camera is first and foremost.

  • Fashion and Glamour

    This is imagery that I take often than not because of the industry. Helping them to get published is a must too! Fashion sells a product while Glamour sells the model. Glamour, and those models that I shoot for this particular genre, cannot take themselves too seriously if they intend to create imagery that conveys sexuality, beauty, style and confidence in a universally appealing manner. contracts.

  • Graphic Designer and Web Developer

    I've been a graphic designer and web developer for 16 year and still going strong. I help models and my clients starting a business make their presence known. My job description is Branding Consultant. So, just know that when you shoot with me you get the package of a well rounded artist.

  • Images

    I am in sync with the fashion and beauty industry, so I understand the current trend, style and format as required by clients. I edit my own images after every shoot and images of others that need and require an experienced photo editor.

featured stars
Aseri Artist
Ladonna Model/Business Owner
Nikki LaShae Model
Gerube Model
mission & values
  • Trends

    I imagine that while trends and gimmicks in photography can come and go, I want your images to look great 40 years from now. Therefore, my approach to photography 'story telling' combines classic lighting and posing techniques with contemporary photographic style to create timeless images.

  • Clients

    I believe in taking the time to get to know my clients. I capture the expressions and details that make my models/clients unique. You deserve to look your very best and, more importantly, love the way you look in your portraits.

  • Photography Experience

    I want to be your photographer and I strive to reinvent your photography experience by providing a unhurried, relaxed, fun environment that allows your true self and expressions to shine. I educate each model/clients about clothing, locations and timing. I provide personal help during the shoot process including discussions about retouching, enhancements, finishes, appropriate sizes and pricing.

  • Industry

    I provide a level of professional service and personal attention most of the industry has abandoned.

  • Principles

    I believe that photographing a model or individual is a privilege and an honor, which I cherish each time I am called upon to do so. I am entrusted to capture a moment that will tell your story through images. I approach each photo shoot session and individual as a new canvas in which to paint.

  • Values

    Always do what is right. Project confidence but remain humble. Have compassion for everyone. Respond to each person’s individual needs. Be the standard that all others including photographers strive to achieve.

  • FingerPrint

    As a professional photographer for over twenty seven (29) years, I have learned that with each passing year I grow as an artist and my work continues to improve. You are never that good that you can't continue to learn. Nothing great comes easily, quickly, or without hard work and sweat equity. With experience comes knowledge. Combining what I have learned with my distinctive vision has helped mold me into a leader in my industry. It is my duty to set an example among my peers and I do so by appreciating each day I am able to pick up a camera, committing to continual growth as an artist and vowing to never become complacent or arrogant. This makes me better as a person and artist.

  • Conclusion

    So, finding the true self within a person and capturing it on beautiful traditional film is why I call my work the 'Quintessential' you. Providing a tangible heirloom and high quality imagery, with an elegant interpretation. This is what I deliver everytime! This is why you should choose me!